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Gone [Jan. 3rd, 2005|05:32 pm]
VIST ME ON MY NEW PAGE http://www.livejournal.com/users/__freelove/

okay and all my old friends save me @ me new page Thank u
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Peoplez true colorz really do come to light [Dec. 22nd, 2004|02:43 pm]
[How im Feelin |crushedFake Ass PPl]
[{{Bump!n}} |Dont Worry~Chingy Feat.Janet Jackson]

Yo wat§ i finally found out how to put music on her all by my self Good 4 my black a§§ im so crazy :-P but anywayz mann my so called Best friend on sum real fake ass sh!t son since she got this new lil boyfriend she dont know how to balance her relationship out with him and er'body else but thatz iight cuz i know i'll neva do sum bamma sh!t like that dat sh1t pissed me off but that all good cuz im kool wit otha ppl then her so it aint nuthan

i talked to mario last nite he wasnt talkin bout nuthan tryna hook up spit Game NAH ladies have yall eva felt like u wanna be by ya damn self jus have sum me time???? thatz how im feelin now i mean he fine as hell but im like damn son be on chill mode cuz i aint ready fo all tha lovey sh!t

i talk to donte too last nite his ask really think i missed him Rite i missed him nah <--- i really havent tho im like tha hell with everything mann i jus need a getaway paridise my mum dookz gettin mad cuz ion wanna leave tha house n sh!t man life is so stressful....

OMG OMG(lmao) my mom gave me a early christmas gift this big spongebob blanket and if n*e 1 knowz me know that i am a huge spongebob fan i have so much of his shit you would thing i was a lil kid lol...

THIS IS MY BED LOL I KNOW IM OBSESSED Nook love spongebob too Awwwh **teardrop**

well im bored dont have nuthan else to talk about new ppl iono on here add me to ya list and leave a message sayin u do so i can do tha same Hollerz n Smoochez ***§a§ha***

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Reality Hitz [Dec. 21st, 2004|05:12 pm]
[How im Feelin |sadi miss u]

Omg People i've came to my senses i still love him i cant he it i know we've had hella problemz but what doesnt kill us makes us stronger

This song is dedicated to nook


***Since I Seen't You****

{Verse 1}
You're 'bout the flyest thang that life could ever bring
Like fresh air to me the blood I bleed sent to me
And I want, wanna build with you

Since I seen't you, we've been peoples, your're my equal
This love is see through I want to Keep you
I want to be with you

{Verse 2}
Your're like the softest cloud a virgin in my eye
An angel just my size
Wish that I could fall in love with you again
And I wanna build with you

Since I seen't you, we've been peoples, your're my equal
This love is see through I want to Keep you
I want to be with you

{Post Chorus}
Your conversation is liberating, when we're relating it's a vacation.
Like recreation, I want my way with you

Ever since the day you walked into my life
I've never been the same then and not again
I hope and pray to God that you stay awhile
..........with me and....

Since I seen't you, we've been peoples, your're my equal
This love is see through I want to Keep you
I want to be with you


i hope i wake up 4rm this terrible nite mare im in living each day without ur love Pleazze wake me up!!!
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santaz almost here~LMAO [Dec. 21st, 2004|04:47 pm]
[How im Feelin |pissed offSo damn bored arggh]

Lil Sasha Boo Christmas list

*Northface jacket
*money (ya damn skippy)
*to see my first luv (awwwh) SHUT UP
*spongebob stuff
*sims deluxe
*mac gift certificate
And last but not least sum 1 to show me how n tha HELL you put music on here DAMNIT

Shit i cant think of nothing else

but n*e waiz im bouta go get my nails done im so excited to go to south carolina OMG people you jus do not know im gonna see people that i havent saw n what seemz like yearz hopefully this New yearz eve would be tha same as last yearz same ppl there and everthing i really miss that ;-{ omg i miss Nook alot that was my buddy LMAO......(inside joke im so slow) but n*ez gotta go get dress my mom bouta get of and she gonna curk if im not ready bye my fellow cupcakez
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Cheerful [Dec. 21st, 2004|01:42 pm]
[How im Feelin |flirtyso happy!!]
[{{Bump!n}} |sh!t until i figure out how to do this sh!t **arghh**]

Hello my fellow cupcakez that read this...okay since sat. morning i've been in Maryland with my two baby brothaz nickolas and sam...i wanted to see my pookiez mookz n najna but i was far out n chantilly damn u people...but im coming back Jan. 30 for my brother christing thingy (lol) i almost missed my stop coming back home lol i was knocked out on that damn train lol owell i would've been movin on to ATL SHAWTY lol
but b4 i left i met a nigga named mario n walmart lol he's jus to cute but im not lookin for nuthan serious now...i wanna be by my dan self (poor me) well im hungry i'll be back later...
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Jus Chillen [Dec. 17th, 2004|04:30 pm]
[How im Feelin |energeticGoin to see my babiez]

okay 2day was alrite...Duh cuz it was The beginning of our Christmas break aint nuthan happen at south aint no b!tchez get crunk n dat lil afrian chick aint no where to be found...cuz wheneva she ready to scrap then thatz what it is.....
But n*e waiz im still booless....gotta get me one ASAP son......im feelin dis nigga named alex at me school but i heard he gotta a lil mama i was like fu(k what u heard if it aint a fact then i aint listen i made a goal that i would have him by the next major break spring break im still tryna figure out my planz for new yearz eve n dat morning damnhmmm if i can get up wit ______{say no namez} that would be all goodie....
im leavin 2morrow morning at 1am to go to v.a YAYYYY to see my babiez Sam n Nikolas**sigh** so happy well hollerz n smoochez Luv {*{Lil Sasha Boo}*}

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